Running Log: Weeks 17-19

Starting my first full week in Charlotte, I’m getting a sense of the place and how to avoid the spiderwebs.  Got my first chance to run on the Greenway (a paved path along a stream) Monday that runs through the UNCC campus and is very conveniently marked every 800 meters.  Great place to do pace runs (tempo runs) although this one didn’t go exactly according to plan as it turns out the inhaler (I have exercised induced asthma) I’ve been using ran out last week and my replacement one didn’t show up until after the workout.  That being said, if you take away the inability to breath, the legs were doing alright in adjusting to the heat.

On Thursday I had the workout that I had been dreading for a while.  I use the word dreading because I knew it was a big workout on the horizon and I hadn’t been feeling as recovered as I would have liked the past few weeks.  However, after removing the aerobic fartlek from the long run last weekend, I finally got back on top of my game and it showed in the workout, putting up splits that were significantly faster than the previous year while at the same time going further in hot, humid and unfortunately sunny conditions.  I didn’t realize how worried I’d been until afterwards when the relief hit me.  Probably shouldn’t have built up a single workout that much in my mind, but it’s behind me now and hopefully I’ll learn a lesson from it.

This week also had the last longer than a marathon long run, where I ended up cruising in the low 5:40’s for the majority of the effort after naturally working into the run.

Week 17 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 50 min Pace Run 4:58 avg 40 130
Tuesday 110 35 Lift 145
Wednesday 75 30 Strides 105
Thursday 6 miles avg 4:56, 5 miles avg 4:53, 4 miles avg 4:50, 1 mile @ 4:43. 5 min rest 110
Friday 70 30 Lift 100
Saturday 160 160
Sunday 30 Strides 30
Weekly 780 (130mi)

Had my third workout in Charlotte Tuesday morning, averaging just under five minute pace off the track on the Greenway before jumping back on the track and ratcheting down the pace to simulate what will hopefully take place around the twenty mile mark of the race.  Overall it was a great morning workout in a light mist just before I got on the plane to fly back to Seattle for the last few weeks of training.

On the plane ride back I managed to catch a sore throat which persisted through the weekend and made the workout on Friday just a tad tougher than it would have been otherwise.  And I gotta say, having only thirty seconds rest adds up by the end of five repeats, the break between sets was greatly appreciated.

The last real long run of the season was Sunday, something that I had to be pretty careful with too.  With the mileage dropping, the risk of overrunning efforts increases and I found myself in the mid 5:40’s at one point and had to slow myself down.  This will only become more of a factor over the last two weeks as the mileage continues to drop in preparation for the marathon.

Week 18 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 65 30 95
Tuesday 60 min Pace Run 8 miles avg 4:59, 4 miles avg 4:51  Flew back to Seattle 90
Wednesday 90 90
Thursday 60 Strides 60
Friday 3 x 5 x 1,000m 30 sec rest, 3:30 b/t sets.  Avgs: 2:59, 2:56, 2:54 80 80
Saturday 65 65
Sunday 120 120
Weekly 600 (100mi)

So the way I can tell that mileage is severely dropping is that it no longer takes me 20 minutes into a run to start feeling good.  I can pop out the door and be in the 5:50’s right away, and then I have to focus to make sure I’m not running too fast.  Had my last real workout on Tuesday, a short pace run on the track.  Everything from that point onward are just efforts to keep my body from going flat.  An appropriate saying would be, “the hay’s in the barn.”  But I’ve found I don’t like that saying as it seems to imply you don’t have to stay mentally focused even if the physical work has been done.

Week 19 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 35 35
Tuesday 30 40 min Pace Run avg 4:56 100
Wednesday 60 60
Thursday 105 105
Friday 40 40
Saturday 30 5 x 3 on / 1 off in the 4:40’s 100
Sunday 70 70
Weekly 510 (85mi)



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