Running Log: Weeks 13-14

Well back up to 140 miles again this week, and surprise, surprise, is it easier to hit when you don’t have to jam most of the mileage into the first four days of the week.  Also, a three hour long run doesn’t hurt either.  My first workout this week was three five miles segments on the track with the last set in flats starting at marathon pace and dropping.  Throughout all three sets I felt under control and relaxed which left me excited at how my training was progressing.  At the end of the week, I had my first three hour long run which I was apprehensive about going in.  However, it turned out very well, possibly too well as I ended up running the last seven to eight miles averaging 5:23 pace with an overall pace of 5:38 (2:28 marathon pace).  A note about long runs and workouts in general during marathon prep.  During the marathon your body needs re hydration and refueling, so it would behoove a person to prepared for this.  I set out water bottles (at this point filled with gatorade, use whatever sparks your fancy) about three miles apart for long runs and workouts.  This is easy to do at my long run location, a six mile stretch of road, as I only need to set up at two spot.  This way my body gets used to taking in fluid and processing it every five kilometers as it will be during the marathon.  By personal experience, this also leads to much quicker long runs and I have to reign myself in at times to not over run the efforts as I might have on Sunday.

Week 13 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 60 60 Strides/Lift 120
Tuesday 30 3 x 5 mile with avgs of 5:00, 4:57, 4:54 135
Wednesday 110 Lift 110
Thursday 60 50 Strides 110
Friday 16 x 75 sec hills 40 125
Saturday 60 60
Sunday 180 180
Weekly 840 (140mi)

This was a down week leading into the 20k US Championships next Monday with the progression run on Tuesday being the only major workout.  As has been the trend, this progression run dropped in pace faster than the previous two ending with four miles at or below 4:52 pace on the track.

Going into a race I like to front load my mileage.  For example, the first four days are on par with a 140 mile week, while the last three days are on the very easy side, leading into Monday’s race.  This is a compromise that has worked out well for me in the past.  First it gives me a few days to recover and feel fresh going into a race and second it allows me to keep my training levels relatively even outside of a short period to continue working on my long term goals.

Week 14 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 60 40 Strides/Lift 100
Tuesday 45 70 min Progression Run 5:25 – 4:45 145
Wednesday 120 30 150
Thursday 60 35 Strides/Lift 95
Friday 10 min brisk, 4 x 1000 w/2:30 rest (2:43, 45, 42, 39) 70
Saturday 40 40
Sunday 30 Strides 30
Weekly 630 (105mi)



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