Running Log: Weeks 5-6 (Peachtree)

Crossing the Finish Line at the 2014 AJC Peachtree Road Race Credit Eric J. Ellis / Atlanta

Crossing the Finish Line at the 2014 AJC Peachtree Road Race
Credit Eric J. Ellis / Atlanta

One week out from the AJC Peachtree 10k (USA 10k Championships) and I got a chance to step on the track for the first time to get a glimpse of my fitness.  Going into the workout I was worried how my legs would respond as they were sore from my work in the weight room the previous day, however, I was pleasantly surprised at the times my legs carried me to.  This workout in particular got me excited for the race as I was much further ahead of where I thought I would be and the times were pretty close to the paces I would expect to be required to garner a top five spot.  Later in the week, I got a chance to work on some turnover after a pace run which would be handy if I happened to be in a sprint finish.

Another feature in my weekly running is the easy day.  This day plays a part in my overall training scheme both mentally and physically.  Mentally it’s a day where I get to relax, jog slowly (maybe 40 sec/mile slower) and enjoy the scenery.  Physically it gives my body a chance to recover from the pounding I’ve inflicted upon it earlier in the week.  Usually I limit the run to an hour and if I’ve been on top of my mileage during the week I’ll get it under half an hour.

Week 5 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 30 75 Strides/Lift 105
Tuesday 6 x Mile, with 1:30 rest. 4:34 avg. 30 100
Wednesday 95 Lift 95
Thursday 35 75 Strides 110
Friday 36 min PR 4:59 avg & 4×300 ~44 35 120
Saturday 135 135
Sunday 25 25
Weekly 690 (115mi)

I flew down to Atlanta early in the week for a confab of all the Mizuno athletes.  This was a great event where we got an inside peak at Mizuno’s What If Everybody Ran marketing campaign, shot some quick interviews for social media (and found out some hilarious facts about each other), had a little photo shoot and a great time all around.  Below are a few photos from the event taken by a hapless volunteer on my phone.

On July 2nd, I had the opportunity to meet with a great group of kids who participate in the program Kilometer Kids.  It’s a program designed to get children active at an early age to promote lifelong healthy habits, which is a great idea.  While I was there, with a few of the other athletes, we went though a series of drills and stretches and then a jog around the athletic fields in Piedmont Park.  I also got to catch up with them after the race and snagged a few pictures.


After taking a few easy days my legs were starting to come around and I was getting antsy waiting for race day.  My plan going into the race was a passive one of staying in touch with the leaders and covering their moves.  The first mile is slightly uphill and this was reflected in the slightly slow split of 4:41.  Taking exception to this was Girma Mecheso who took off and instigated a small chase pack.  Following my plan, I attached myself to the pack chasing him while trying to stay relaxed at the increased pace.  This was the course the next two miles took, screaming downhill with 4:23 mile splits until we (Tyler Pennal, Shadrack Biwott and Arron Braun) caught and passed Girma at the start of Cardiac Hill and the fourth mile.  At this point, Tyler took over the lead and started pounding up the hills which lead to our pack slowly dwindling to just the two of us by the time we hit five and a half miles.  It was at this point where I realized that I had a great shot at winning another national championship and I started thinking about how I wanted to end the race.  Once we made the turn onto 10th street (about 800 left, almost all downhill) I decided that I would make a sharp move when we hit the slight uptick with ~600 left as it would be the hardest point for Tyler to respond.  The plan went off with only one hitch, on my first acceleration step I scuffed the ground, almost tripped, righted myself, and was able to make a clean break to the finish.

The Atlanta Track Club does a fantastic job of putting on the race and taking care of the invited athletes and people lining the course cheering the whole way, it’s easy to love this race.  I’ll be looking forward to coming back next year.


Week 6 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 70 45 Strides/Lift 115
Tuesday 30 min Fartlek: 2-3-5-3-2 even rest. 70
Wednesday 40 40
Thursday 30 Strides 30
Friday Peachtree 10k (28:25 1st) 30 80
Saturday 45 65 110
Sunday 125 125
Weekly 570 (95mi)

*Note: Unit of measurement is minutes.  To convert to miles, divide by six.


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