Running Log: Weeks 3-4

Well it’s usually about this time when I return to training that my legs lose their freshness and realize that it’s time to get adjust to training again, and right on schedule the middle of the week got tough.  It also coincided with a vast amounts of hills courtesy of a short trip out to Bainbridge Island (an unreasonably hilly and scenic island in the Puget Sound) to visit the family.  At this changeover point in a cycle it’s important to make sure that soft tissue issues don’t creep up on you and that you’re dedicating adequate time to sleep until your body adapts to the training load.  To this end, I’ve been incorporating a mid day siesta into my routine and the extra sleep has been paying off.

Week 3 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 20 60 80
Tuesday  Fly to Seattle 25 min Fartlek: 5 x 3 min on / 2 min off 65
Wednesday 90 90
Thursday 65 50 115
Friday 12 x 1 min hill repeats 35 Lift 110
Saturday 120 120
Sunday 50 Strides/Lift 50
Weekly 630 (105mi)
Week 4 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 30 35 min Pace Run 5:01 avg 105
Tuesday 95  Fly Home 95
Wednesday 55 30 Strides/Lift 85
Thursday 50 50
Friday 6 x 5 min on / 2 min off 40 130
Saturday 65 65
Sunday 130 130
Weekly 660 (90mi)

*Note: Unit of measurement is minutes.  To convert to miles, divide by six.


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