Sometimes your body (and mind) need a little time off to recoup and before starting training for a fall marathon was a perfect time for it.  To this extent I took ten days with little to no running and then worked my way back into training. I take a relatively cautious approach when starting up a cycle to minimize the chance for soft tissue issues, something that has been problematic for me in the past.  The first week of rest started on Monday, May 12th.

R&R Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 25 25
Tuesday 25 25
Wednesday Off 0
Thursday 25 25
Friday Off 0
Saturday Off 0
Sunday 35 35
Weekly 110 (18mi)
R&R Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 25 25
Tuesday 25 25
Wednesday 25 25
Thursday 35 35
Friday 45 45
Saturday 40 40
Sunday 50 50
Weekly 245 (40mi)
Week 1 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 60 60
Tuesday 40 40
Wednesday 30 50 80
Thursday 50 50
Friday 75 75
Saturday 50 50
Sunday 90 90
Weekly 445 (74mi)
Week 2 Morning Afternoon Other Total
Monday 60 60
Tuesday  65 25 90
Wednesday  30  Lift 30
Thursday 30 min Pace Run 5:01 avg 30 100
Friday  40 Lift 40
Saturday 110 110
Sunday  70 40 Strides 110
Weekly 540 (90mi)

A note on the running log.  At the beginning of a training cycle I’ll sit down with my coach and we’ll plan out the entire cycle in terms of mileage, long runs and likely races (if things change such as injuries or races we readjust).  Each week I’ll convert the mileage into minutes at 6:00 min / mile and then run that many minutes.  I choose this method for measuring miles for a few reasons.  First, it’s simple.  I don’t have to figure out how far a random collection of trails and roads were, I just add on until I hit the next 5 minute interval and I’m done with my run.  Second, it protects me from making err…less than rational decisions on a run.  For example, say I’m out for a 10 mile run, it is possible to run faster to be done sooner and running faster is not always the best choice.  Now while I love running, there are times when I’m looking forward to the run being done and if I’m running for certain amount of minutes, I can’t speed up to be done sooner.  There is also the question of, how accurate is this system?  Am I running 6:00 min / mile every step of every run? Obviously not, especially considering my steady state runs at 5:00 min / mile plus or minus are counted at 6:00 min / mile too.  But then again, when I’m exhausted after a workout, my cool downs are not quite at six minute pace either.  So I, a wholly unbiased source, think it’s accurate enough in the long term and even if I’m (most likely) under counting my mileage a little, I’m doing it consistently from week to week and cycle to cycle so the comparisons of weeks, months and years of training are applicable.


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